Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer haze

Summer is officially here, although with us being in Texas it has felt like Summer since February and now it is just way too HOT. Sean starts block 10 on Monday which means we only have 67 more days until graduation. At which point we are planning on being all packed up and ready to make the long drive back to Utah the day after his graduation. As much as I want to BE in Utah, actually GETTING there may be a different story. I have so much gratitude for my Heavenly Father that he blessed Sean with this opportunity and the skill necesarry to accomplish this course. That me and the kids have been here with him experiencing new things and meeting new people. Most of all for us to grow stronger as a family and appreciate all the love that we share.

She has him wrapped around her little finger ... as it should be.

Porter felt inspired after swim lessons one day to create a view of the ocean and all of his favorite creatures that live there. Sean bought the documentary LIFE knowing that Porter would absolutely love watching it. He was introduced to flying fish and as you can see he added several to his picture.

He loved his swim instructor Miss Amanda.

He did so well this summer with his lessons. In the past we have done mommy and me courses which in my opinion never went as well as I had hoped for. He is getting so grown up and independent, which he loves of course. I appreciated Miss Amanda for teaching him the things that he otherwise wouldn't have listened to me long enough to learn the basics of swimming on his own.

Watching her big brother swim.

"1,2,3 Go...."

Every day he would dive to the bottom of the pool and come up with the same toy. This pink squid. Almost 80% of the time if Porter has a choice on a color PINK is it.

She doesn't get to enjoy nice green grass all that often seeing as how Texas' is bug infested and or dead. Really she didn't quite know how to react to sitting and standing in it.

A night spent downtown at the River Walk.

Tower of the Americas. Man it was surely windy but what a pretty view of San Antonio and we all had a great time.

My Supermen.

Shaking his money maker. He has quite the dance moves and most of them I have no clue where he picked them up, but either way he enjoyed dancing and we enjoyed watching.
After a very long night on the town Loee just wanted to kick back and relax. Only moments after this photo was taken she passed out into a deep deep sleep, which to my advantage lasted until 10am this morning.

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The Burtons said...

Looks like swimming lessons went well. Jamison is doing them in a few weeks...that means I have to be in a swimming suit, yikes. You guys seem to be making the best of your time there. Summer will be over before we know it.