Monday, April 12, 2010


His new favorite toy is Sean's Ipod probably because of those awesome earbuds that he uses to tune us out.

Still is my little cheeser :)

We went up to The Living Planet Aquarium and he absolutely loved all of the fish, the penguins, and reptiles.

I skipped out on a fun Spring Break vacation with my mom and sisters to St.George :( instead I stayed home and finished most of my projects that I needed done before next week gets here. My mother in law helped me make this cute slipcover for the carseat. No..., I could not just use it how it was, although it still was in perfect condition from using it with Porter.

Since our house is just a small little thing I am always finding ways to be creative with storage so I thought that this little envelope would be perfect to keep some diapers, wipes and other fun things in. Plus it'll give me a reason to not have to leave our room in the middle of the night when she needs something...right? (Fingers and toes crossed)

I am definetely obsessed with the retro owls and knew I was going to do her bedding in some sort of owl fabric. I finally found the right fabric last week and got busy with sewing up her bedding and pillows. I still need to tie some ties onto her comforter but I wanted her bed to actually look like a baby belonged in it, instead of being a home to our pillows and laundry.

Yep... there I am looking all huge and READY!!! 38 Weeks doesn't do a body good, I don't care what anyone says!