Monday, December 6, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Literally the day after I did my latest post Lo started crawling and has her two top teeth coming through now. She is actually crawling around the house instead of dragging herself. Man oh man how these past few days have been a bummer at the Reay household. She has been so fussy and miserable this time around. When her first two teeth came through we had no idea that she was even teething cuz she acted normal and as happy as always. Now she can't quit rubbing her tongue against her gums, she is producing enough drool to fill a vat, has had on and off fevers, always wants to be held, and she is NOT sleeping. Poor little baby, I hope that they make their way through fast so that she will get back to her happy little self. Good thing we have Porter around though, she lights up everytime she see's him. He is such a good big brother to her, maybe a little to rough at times, but she still loves him all the same.

These are Porter's frosted mini wheat people. The top one is a girl with her hair on the side of her head :) The other one is a boy and the little ones are dogs. Man he cracks me up.

The other morning I was sleeping soundly, but was woken up to this rustling sound. When I went into the kitchen to see what was making the sound I found Porter sitting on the floor sneaking the bag of doughnuts that Sean had made. Nice to know that he eats I guess... I used to think we was developing an eating disorder.

This is our rendition of a Christmas tree this year. We call it our Christmas bush! Since we knew we would be heading back to Utah for the holidays we didn't pack any of our decorations, which I am now regretting, but whatever life goes on. Sean and Porter went and got the bush and lastnight we all made homemade ornaments. Popcorn garland, cheerio garland, and saltdough ornaments. If anything it is a sweet memory of knowing that we can make anything work given the situation.

Lastly, here she is crawling!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where did November go?

Porter's imagination is always running wild. He always is coming up with the cutest pictures on his magnadoodle. This is a picture of me! Aren't I lovely? Haha I think I have a slight resemblance to the flower off of The Little Shop Of Horrors, wouldn't you agree?

And he wanted a mamoth while he was watching Ice Age, but unfortunetly we do not have a toy mammoth. After a slight meltdown I just walked out of his room and knew he would figure it out, low and behold he came up with this....

His elephant now has pool diving toys for tusks and a washcloth for long hair. It made me smile. I know it will make you too :)

Lo loves sitting in her highchair and after she is done feeding herself I just set her and the chair into the tub for a good scrub down. She is getting so big. Today while I was getting her dressed it hit me just how much she has grown in the past few months. Our family and friends are going to love seeing how much she has changed since we moved, when we GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! She still has two bottom teeth, she is completely obsessed with her binky, and just discovered her tongue. It is always sticking out of her mouth. She loves yelling outloud for no reason must enjoy the sound of her voice I guess. Porter's favorite thing that she says is "Gagaga." She also enjoys spitting and dragging herself all over the house. Hasn't quite gotten crawling down but lunging herself forwards and doing a version of a bunny hop gets her to where she needs to go so that is as good as gold. No longer holds still while getting her bum changed, or in the bathtub either. She fights going to sleep no matter what time of the day or night it is. Today she pulled herself up to Porter's bed and just stood there afterwards, cuz she wasn't quite sure what to do next. She is a busy body and keeps all of us busy. We love her and her personality that she shares with us.

Porter gets on these kicks where he only wants to watch a certain movie and only that movie. He was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the other day for the 2nd time, I could tell it was awfully quiet back there so when I went to check on him I found this...

Him and all of his Ninja Turtles having a sleep over.

While I was hanging up pictures Lo found this mirror and could not stop staring at her reflection. I love this picture because it reminds me of one that I have of myself from way back when, staring into the mirror in our camping trailer.

Monday, November 22, 2010


They are both growing up so fast. We love them and thank our Heavenly Father each and every day for the happiness that they fill our hearts with.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What I am thankful for is ...

My husband, who makes me smile and helps me forget some of my worries

Porter, who always keeps me on my toes and brings laughter into my life
Lois, for choosing me to be her mom and for each day that she reminds me how sweet life is

Technology, my main source of keeping in contact with many loved ones, whom I am not
able to see each day

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween everyone!!! This year our family costume theme was decided by Porter. Laura took him to see the play of The Wizard of Oz and ever since that day he has been a die hard fan of the movie. He told us what he wanted to be and then assigned each of us our costumes. It was fun, although a bit challenging to make all of the costumes since I don't have my sewing machine delivered down here yet. Somehow I managed and everything turned out awesome. We went trick or treating on base to all of the Colonel's and Commander's homes :) can I just say if Sean decides to go Active Duty and make the Army a lifelong career I wouldn't mind being a wife to a Colonel. Those houses are beautiful and I hear that on most posts their homes are usually the big old beautiful ones, my dream homes. Porter took atleast 2 minutes at each house. NO EXAGERRATION!!! He had a story to tell each of the home owner's and each house we went to it was a different story. They all loved him and could tell that he was 3 years old. Oh man if only he was always that darling and never had his tissy moments. Lo didn't really care what we were doing she is always content with whatever we do. She just ate her head band, shoes and fingers the whole night. We loved being able to spend this Halloween together as a family. Although we missed many of you back in Utah we still had a blast.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Each day is a memory

We had the chance to go to Sea World last Saturday it was great and even more the kids did awesome the entire day. Porter loved every single thing that we saw, he is such an animal lover. If there are animals or in this case mammals involved it is guaranteed that he will have a good time. Some of the things we did was watch the show "Believe" that Shamu and 3 other whales put on. I realized that I am getting old and more sentimental as I watch our kids grow. Porter was so thrilled to watch the whales. He was smiling, clapping, laughing, and cheering the whole show. It was so cute it made me cry to see him that happy. Yes I was the crazy lady sitting in the stands with eyes full of tears while watching Shamu the whale. Porter navigated our way through the park with his map, once he spotted the white dolphin he was determined to see it and he continued to talk about that dolphin the rest of the day. The seals, a sea otter, and one humongous walrus put on a way cute play that we all got a laugh out of. Overall it was a fun filled day and one more memory that we have made here in San Antonio.

Porter and Shampoo the whale :)
He is always playing with her here he is making fart noises on her belly.

Lo and Po enjoying a scoop of Blue Bell.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ways to keep me busy

We have been down here in Texas now for 2 weeks and have already decided to move out of the apartment we are in and to get on base in a home. Things just haven't really worked out all that well according to plan since we got here, we are in a beautiful apartment but are surrounded by scary influences and an unsafe enviroment, so now that process begins to move. Luckily our belongings haven't gotten here from our home in Utah so we won't have that much stuff to pack up and move over. Sean leaves the house at 4:30 a.m. and comes home between 5 and 6 p.m. so until he gets here me and the kids just find anything to keep us busy and not drive eachother nuts. As soon as Sean's scooter gets here I will have my beloved vehicle back and I can start taking Porter to preschool and her to daycare for a few so I can get things done ... preferably working out at the gym. They offer a ton of classes and I don't have to pay a dime so you better believe it I am going to take full advantage of that!!! San Antonio is big and so far we have seen downtown a few times and some of the out skirts. It is so much greener than I thought it would be, it really is beautiful and the weather has been okay. I still am sad to know I will not see snow until I go home for Christmas, but honestly I can do without driving in it for one winter. Porter has missed all of the family alot, but can I just say Skype is a lifesaver. Who ever invented it deserves a huge kiss. What a great tool to have, to beable to see your family and friends from thousands of miles away. We are finding our favorite things down here beginning with Blue Bell icecream, seriously a brand of icecream that takes up 4 sections of the freezer aisle. There is such a huge variety of food down here, not just all bbq like I expected. That for sure has been one of my favorite things to do with my excuse of having no utensils to cook with we go out to eat atleast twice a week, which will soon end once we get into our new home, but I also am excited to beable to create food for the family. Cooking and baking are such a great stress reliever for me. We love you all and miss you dearly!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are we considered Texans???

I have not blogged in such a long time and I really should keep up on this better so that my sister in law and brother in law can read what we are up to while they are on thier missions ... sorry Dena and Weston. Porter is still just as quick witted and energetic as ever. We love our little boy who keeps us laughing almost constantly. Lo is almost 5 months old she is rolling over now and showing more and more of her personality each day. We packed up our home, put it up for sale and have moved to San Antonio, Texas so that Sean can do some Army training down here for the next year. He is changing his MOS to be a Biomedical Repair Technician working in the hospitals. It'll be a good change of pace for us and we will see in a year what the future holds for our family. Sean is great and he will do awesome with this training. Until then we will set up shop down here and start our new experience. It is exciting but also stressful not being close to anyone that we know. I am so grateful to know though that we have the church and the Lord will bless our family and guide us to people whom we will come to trust and beable to call family. Love you all soo much and I promise I will try and be better at blogging :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

*We love summertime*

We had lots of fun this summer at Art City Days. We took Porter to the carnival, the parade and fireworks and as usual he loved all of it.

The entire time we were on the ferris wheel he kept on saying "Mommy it tickles my belly."

Getting a dragon painted on his face was probably his highlight of the week.

Harper's Batman and Po's dragon.

I know this picture is blurry but I find it hilarious everytime I look at their faces.

Porter loves fireworks and this year he can actually pronounce "fireworks" correctly ... Lol for those of you who know how he used to say it.

Lo is such a sweet little baby, she turned 2 months on Monday and is now starting to talk baby talk and smile all of the time. We love having our little girl in our family.