Monday, August 15, 2011

Time to cherish

Oh how I love my children!!! Oh how I miss my Poyoy. He stayed behind in Utah with our families until we get back there after Sean's graduation on the 24th of August. He is having a blast and for sure getting spoiled, so I am certain that it has been harder on me and Sean than it has been for him. Lois has been a delight these past couple of weeks. She thinks she can get away with everything being the only kid in the house. After arriving home from the airport she went directly to Porter's room and got into all of his toys that she otherwise wouldn't be allowed to touch by Porter. He is really good and sharing with her, but he does have his favorite things and he keeps Lois' hands off of them. They will be happy to be reunited in less than two weeks!!! Holy moly where did this past year go??? I remember moving here and thinking that 12 months could not possibly come soon enough. Now I am catching myself wishing we had just a little bit more time so that we could do everything we want to here in Texas. Who knows where we will go from here, but as long as we have each other we can go anywhere and love it.

Ever since me and Lois returned back to Texas our house has not been in it's usual clean state. Sean kept it so neat and tidy while we were in Utah, but I warned him that for our last few weeks here I was not going to waste my time scrubbing and cleaning only to turn around and be making more messes with packing and dejunking. It probably has bothered him more than me, but if you ask me I am oddly enough content taking it one day at a time, packing a little here and there, having memorable phone calls with Porter, and soaking up all of mine and Lois' time together. There is not enough time in this life to be wasted worrying about all of the little things. It is time to focus on the big picture and appreciate life for what it is.

Porter got his first stitches last week. He tripped while at JcPenny's and cut his forehead open on a display table. My mom and sister Lacey are amazing!!! They took care of Porter so well. Comforting him and entertaining him during the entire ordeal. As a parent and being 1300 miles away I felt awful and helpless. Though it was just stitches and I know that it could have been much worse than it was I wanted to be there at his side. To be the one holding him and letting him cry on my shoulder. He had a lot of people caring for him through out the day of whom I am so grateful for. Thank you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What would the 24th of July be without the Gorge?

Our buddy boys are back together and keeping busy every moment.

Who wouldn't want to kiss those lips???

It was such a beautiful night out at Flaming Gorge.

Oh Squeezy!!!

Sometime during the day Porter and Jaycie decided that they were getting married. They put together the rock decorations, the aisle, seating, found their neatest camping clothes and handed out handmade invitations to each of us adults. After all of that they were set to begin this entertaining event.

However... once they started Porter had a change of heart. When asked if he takes Jaycie to be his wife his answer was "But I don't."

Aaaaand he was off!!!!

The very shocked bride.

Porter's cousins dragged him back to the alter and forced them to hug and make up.

Later that night I saw Jaycie and Porter floating. I asked them what they were doing and just so innocently my little boy replied "We are just going on our honeymaker." Now do not ask me how or why he knows what happens after a wedding, but it was so cute and very entertaining to watch them all play so well together. We ended the party with one of Grandpa Wing's roaring fires and marshmallows.

Porter did have a few "Dennis the menace" moments while flinging his flaming marshmallow back and forth to put out the fire.

Lois' first piggy tails. They are mighty small, but mighty cute!!!

Our castaway

We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig from early morn till night.

They both loved the fishing although we didn't catch anything.

Our navigator Lois Lee Reay.

Trying to sneak a bite of the foam key chain with out anybody noticing ... her plan failed.

On our tube ride Lois fell asleep almost immediately, Porter thought papa couldn't go fast enough and I basked in utter delight.

Fishing with their papa and nanny.

Lois' naps were very scarce and not at all on a schedule, but she did manage to find rest on the boat rides.

We love our babies!!!

Who needs clothes and shoes??? Not this little lady.

Three muskrats perfectly happy and perfectly messy.

Porter's nap time was usually on our boat ride back to camp.

Till we meet again Grandma Audrey

Lois Audrey King Jackson

Lois Audrey King Jackson 1935 ~ 2011 On July 18th we bid a
heartfelt farewell to a special lady. She bravely faced the
insidious challenges of A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig's Disease) for almost
a year. She died at home with family near. Audrey was born
on April 25, 1935 in Murray, Utah the 8th child of Thomas and
Mabel King. Eventually her family settled in Mesa, Arizona
where she spent most of her growing up years. She attended
Brigham Young University where she met and married her
husband, Edward William Jackson. A few months after their
wedding in the Mesa, Arizona temple, they moved to
Washington, D.C. where William completed his degree at George
Washington Medical School. After medical school, Audrey,
Bill and their three young children relocated to Southern
California. Three more children followed and they spent the
next 25 years raising their family in the beautiful Ojai Valley.
During this time Audrey opened her home and became mother
to children from Afghanistan, the Navajo Nation, Bolivia,
the Philippines, Australia and the United States. Being around
family and friends was one of Audrey's greatest joys. Movie night
with popcorn and milkshakes was a family favorite! Audrey was
deeply committed toThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints. She served in many ward/stake callings. From 1986-1989,
Audrey served as mission "mom" to over 600 missionaries in the
Manila, Philippines Mission. Few could pull off such an
assignment with equal flare and enthusiasm. Over the last
few weeks, she has been so happy to receive loving messages
from her missionaries representing every corner of the world.
Shortly after her mission Audrey moved to Provo and was
quickly put to work leading the Young Women and then Relief
Society organizations in her ward. Audrey absolutely loved
music and the joy and inspiration it provided to others. For
six years she was honored to conduct music at the M.T.C.
and spent over twenty years performing with Medical Melodies
dancing and singing at rest homes throughout the county.
Her spark for life was truly contagious. Together with her
husband, she helped establish the Deseret International
Foundation. For the past 25 years Deseret has performed
over 300,000 charitable surgeries throughout the world for
the lame, the blind, and the disfigured. Always willing to
travel wherever the need was greatest, Audrey successfully
made temporary homes in such places as Algeria, Ghana,
Honduras, Kenya and Afghanistan. She was not only an angel
of mercy to thousands, but she was the "heart" of the foundation.
Her caring for others was sincere and personal. Thousands
honor her name and look to her as a role model. Audrey is
survived by her husband of 56 years and her six children:
William King Jackson (Ann) - New Delhi, India;
Laura Lee Reay (Kelly) - Springville, Utah;
Karen Johnson (Greg) - Provo, Utah;
Pamela Johnsen (Jeff) - Ojai, California;
Douglas Fell Jackson (Sharon) - Provo, Utah;
Bret Weston Jackson (Rebekah) - Beijing, China.
She is also survived by 30 grandchildren, eight
great-grandchildren and her sisters Norma Atwood (John)
& Dorothy Pace.
Funeral Services will be held Saturday, July 23, 2011 at
12:00 noon at the Hobble Creek Stake Center: 495 S. Canyon Rd,
Springville, Utah. A visitation will be held prior to the service at
10:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. at the same location. Interment at
Provo City Cemetery.
Donations to Deseret International Foundation,
1282 E Cambridge Ct. Provo, Utah 84604
Online condolences may be given at