Monday, May 11, 2009

Husband Tag

Full name: Sean Reay
How long we've been married: 4 years on June 24
How long did we date: 2 1/2 years
Who eats the sweets? Definately me
Who said I love you first: Probably him
Who is taller: Sean
Who sings better: Neither of us we're both tone deaf
Who is smarter: He's done the college thing so ... him
Who does the laundry: I wash it and he helps fold....sometimes....when it's his or Porter's stuff
Who pays the bills: Me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Sean
Who mows the lawn: Whoever gets to it first
Who cooks dinner: We both do
Who drives: Usually him
Who admits they are wrong: We're both pretty stubborn so usually neither of us
Who asked who out first: I initiated it
Who wears the pants: He likes to think he does, but we're pretty equal
What does he do that surprises you: Alot of things he does surprises me
My favorite feature on him: His face
Does he have a nickname for you: original, I know
His favorite food: Potatoes
His favorite sport: He likes them all, except for golf
Our favorite thing to do as a couple: Anything
Does he have any hidden talents: He is very creative
What do you admire most about him: How honest he is
His favorite color: blue
How did he propose: Superbowl Sunday he made a commercial during half time...I was so confused because he was on tv!!!....I told you he's creative

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Porter turned 2 on Sunday so we had a party at the house on Friday for him with all of our family and friends, I was stressed out over the weather but everything went smoothly and it didn't start sprinkling till mostly everyone had gone home. Thank you to everyone who came Porter loves his new toys and I love his new clothes!!!

It was a pirate themed party so everything was decorated in pirate including his outfit and both of the cakes.
This was his own little cake that we let him demolish...don't worry he ate 3/4 of it.

His dinosaurs enjoyed it just as much as he did...those are their tails sticking up out of the top of the cake.

Yeah he wasn't quite the pro at hitting the pinata but thanks to the bigger kids it eventually got busted open.

What a dweeb!!!

Mine and Sean's tradition we decided to start with our children is with each one on their birthday we would wake them up with a camera in their face singing Happy Birthday to them. I guess he thought it was pretty funny and early too seeing as how he wouldn't open his eyes.

He is such a cheeser

On Sunday night we had a movie night...yes he definately is Sean's son they both could live off of popcorn.

Right before Porter's party Ruby decided to go hunting for our rabbit Chewy, needless to say she was successful and now he is in heaven. So this is our new bunny he doesn't have a name yet but all I know is if the dogs get this poor little guy we're finding a different more dead rabbits.

Uncle Curt can always make him laugh!!!