Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An update for Dena!!!

My sister in law just left for Russia to go live there for 8 months teaching the children english. Our only way of communication is now the internet so I have to be better at keeping this updated for her to beable to look at our lovely mugs more often!!! LOL We are going to miss her soo much!!! She is an amazing girl and is such a great aunt to Porter. Here are some pics of us in Mexico and just some new random stuff, that I love.

Me and Dena finding many great things in the ship's gift shop...not!!!

Popo in his Superman jammies...he's going to save the world some day

Our New Year's Party with some of our best friends

Sledding up Right Hand Fork

I thought this was such an unforgettable moment. Sean reads him a story every night before bedtime.

Oh geeze we ate soo much freaking food on this cruise!!! They could've used me as the anchor for the ship!!!

Here we are in Manzanillo

We had soo much fun this day in Ixtapa and Zihaunteno. By far it's my favorite place in Mexico that I've been to. This is me and the dorky guys in the van on our way to snorkeling.

Me and Sean in Acapolco overlooking where the famous cliff divers perform.
This is probably the prettiest part of the entire is just way too dirty!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Soo many things to love!!!

I finally have updated pictures of Porter!!! We got all of the grandkid's pictures taken together and I love love love the way that they turned out. I was so worried about Porter because once we're outside he does not hold still!!! He sees daylight and he is gone, but fortunately I had my sister's with me to be loud and obnoxious long enough for him to smile. All of the kids were soo awesome and cute!!! Poor little kiddies were freezing their butts off, but every picture turned out priceless.