Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reay kids are the coolest

Our time here in San Antonio is quickly drawing to an end. Sean graduates as a BMET at the end of August so far our plans are from that point we will pack up here and head to Utah. There are a couple of plans that we have set in motion but until something is concrete back to Utah it will be. Porter and Lois are doing great! Porter still amazes me everyday with his creative mind. He starts swim lessons next week which he is very excited for. He has always been a fish when it comes to water. Lois is now 13 months. She is walking, she loves to eat eat eat, she says a handful of words, and has become very good at copycatting her big brother and giving dirty looks ... which are always followed by batting her eyelashes and smiling at you. Porter is more than ecstatic to know we soon will see all of our loved ones. Not a day goes by that he doesn't ask if he can fly on a big airplane back to Utah. He has new friends here from church and also from Army, but he still misses everyone who has been engraved in his memory.

His puppet boy and mommy

I tell ya ... that girl can eaaaaaat! You would never know it by the looks of her. She is such a little peanut.

I came into Lois' room to find that Porter had poured her toy bins into her crib. They both thought it was the neatest thing ever. Good thing that she loves to clean up messes so I had my trusty sidekick to help me with that.

Porter doing what he does best ... CREATE.

She is into everything. Every cupboard, drawer, basket. Nothing in our home has gone untouched by the wrath of Lois.

It warms my heart to know that they love eachother so innocently and unconditionally.

Yes, my favorite jammies for the two of them are oversized tee shirts. It reminds me of my childhood.

That is the most epic dance move EVER Porter Hugh Reay!!! I am so glad that I caught those two moves on camera.

Shaking her groove thang! Our babies love to dance. Everyday it seems at some point I am asked to turn on the music so they can dance. For sure good times!

Of course pretending to be an elephant.


Dena Penelope Reay said...

Haley thanks for the update. The pictures are great and they make me feel like I am not so out of the loop. They are so adoreable. I can't wait to see them. I wish I could just go on the big airplane to San Antonio. But we are looking forward to your safe return. And we are so proud of Sean and all he is doing. You two are wonderful and I feel so blest...You are my angel. Don't forget that! Love you.

Dena Penelope Reay said...

Just so you know this is not Dena this is Laura

Shay said...

Oh my gosh Hay, i miss your babies so much. They're so big. You know Jacoby could really use a boy to hang out with! They would have some good times together! I miss all of you but i am so glad you are experiencing the military life. It definitely has its advantages and it brings ya'll closer together! Love you guys!

The Burtons said...

Such photogenic kids you have! Lots of cute pictures!