Friday, July 8, 2011

Sometimes you feel like a nut

We have less than 50 days left here in San Antonio and I have a feeling that they are going to fly right past us. Next thing we know we will be back in Utah with all of our loved ones. Porter and Lois are doing very well. Porter has enjoyed being able to go swimming almost everyday here at our apartment complex or on post. It is so stinking HOT here and the humidity is getting worse as it gets further into the Summer. It seems every time we go to the store he finds something that he has just got to own, so we got him a responsibility chart hoping to help him understand the value of work and being polite. Which in the long end will earn him whatever toy he would like. He is now registered for preschool back in Utah. We have him going to The Hobblecreek Learning Center three days a week and he could not be more excited! Today I told him all about school and who his teacher will be. Throughout the remainder of the day he kept on saying to me "Mrs. Staywee (Staheli) is my teacher and she will be here any minute." I am so proud of Porter and the child that he is. I know that they are going to love having him in their school. Lois is almost 15 months old and is as beautiful as ever. She is into everything all day long and truly never holds still unless she is asleep or in her car seat. She loves following Porter around and mimicking what he does. She adores her Daddy and always runs to greet him at the door when he gets home. Her new word is "uh-oh" which she repeats over and over and over again. Whenever we go to the pool she will stay entertained by the water for a good 30 or so minutes but the rest of the time she is either charming the pants off of someone or scavenging for food. I pack a small pantry to take with us swimming, because I know she prefers eating over anything else.

Gotta love her curly little locks.

Sean's Fathers day gifts decorated by Porter. He is such a stud. He wrote the words all by himself and then drew our family, a bird, and two monsters from the movie Godzilla on the other gift.

Porter is our free lance photographer. Here are a few pieces of his recent work.

Our COUNTDOWN CHAIN!!! I kinda think it is better than a Christmas chain.

Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus came to San Antonio last weekend so naturally we took Porter. Can anyone guess what his favorite part was???

This elephant was the sweetest thing. Her name is Kelly Anne and she was singing Happy Birthday to celebrate the Witte Museum's birthday.

Best Friends for sure.

Kelly Anne painting a picture of the audience. What amazing creatures elephants are.

I know that this was mine and Sean's favorite part. There were 7 motorcycles going in that sphere. It was so neat to watch. Porter was a little worried that they were going to crash into each other but I continually reassured him that they are very very good at what they do.


Curt, Lace and Harper said...

Too Cute! I love seeing pictures of them. Holy hair I don't think I have ever seen your hair that long before. You go girly! I am over the moon that your count down chain is getting smaller every day. We can't wait to have you home. Love Ya Dawner, Seaner, Po and Lo!!!!!

Sean and Haley Reay said...

I know Lace my hair is long. It is easy to keep it at this length here because I always have it pulled up, otherwise the humidity kills it. And I hardly wver blowdry it so it is probably the healthiest it has been in years. We can not wait to see everyone! First relaxing, then camping, then Disneyland!!!

Chelsie and Trace said...

I am also happy to have you guys come back I can't wait!!! Your hair is way long holy cow!! My mom even noticed when she saw your pictures on facebook. Well you better give me a call when you get here we will have to go to lunch or something!!

The Burtons said...

Looks like you are taking advantage of every minute you have until you return! Can't wait to get together. Porter is the most creative little guy!