Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reay kids are the coolest

Our time here in San Antonio is quickly drawing to an end. Sean graduates as a BMET at the end of August so far our plans are from that point we will pack up here and head to Utah. There are a couple of plans that we have set in motion but until something is concrete back to Utah it will be. Porter and Lois are doing great! Porter still amazes me everyday with his creative mind. He starts swim lessons next week which he is very excited for. He has always been a fish when it comes to water. Lois is now 13 months. She is walking, she loves to eat eat eat, she says a handful of words, and has become very good at copycatting her big brother and giving dirty looks ... which are always followed by batting her eyelashes and smiling at you. Porter is more than ecstatic to know we soon will see all of our loved ones. Not a day goes by that he doesn't ask if he can fly on a big airplane back to Utah. He has new friends here from church and also from Army, but he still misses everyone who has been engraved in his memory.

His puppet boy and mommy

I tell ya ... that girl can eaaaaaat! You would never know it by the looks of her. She is such a little peanut.

I came into Lois' room to find that Porter had poured her toy bins into her crib. They both thought it was the neatest thing ever. Good thing that she loves to clean up messes so I had my trusty sidekick to help me with that.

Porter doing what he does best ... CREATE.

She is into everything. Every cupboard, drawer, basket. Nothing in our home has gone untouched by the wrath of Lois.

It warms my heart to know that they love eachother so innocently and unconditionally.

Yes, my favorite jammies for the two of them are oversized tee shirts. It reminds me of my childhood.

That is the most epic dance move EVER Porter Hugh Reay!!! I am so glad that I caught those two moves on camera.

Shaking her groove thang! Our babies love to dance. Everyday it seems at some point I am asked to turn on the music so they can dance. For sure good times!

Of course pretending to be an elephant.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look who's 4!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Porter's 4th birthday! I know, can you believe it? I am still kind of stressing out over the fact that I have a 4 year old, which means that I am getting up there in age myself. Porter loves all eyes on him, so having one day dedicated to him and him alone sure made him ecstatic.

What a couple of cuties ... +1 dog

French toast with sprinkles. It's all about the wow factor on your birthday, right? Not nutrition.

We have been here since September and I just got Porter's bed refinished and assembled. Hey Happy Birthday Porter you now officially have an actual bed, not a mattress resting on the floor! Don't mind my procrastinating.

I always have a helper in the kitchen.

We all know that this is the best part of baking. Someone has got to see if it tastes good.

Nooooo not spoiled at all!!!

Confetti poppers...

Too loud for you Lois?

Now he can payback his uncles and dad for the many attacks that he endured over the years.

His #1 present ... that he has not put down since he opened it.

I think Lois reacted the same way when she opened her baby doll on her birthday :)

My failed attempt at making an elephant ... we just added another dachshund to the family.

Mmmm chocolate orange blossom cake.

Who needs silverware?

She didn't quite succeed in getting as dirty as she did on her birthday, but came close. Either way she went right into the bathtub when she was finished.

Just a bunch of elephants. If he could be any animal I positive that his first choice would be an elephant.

Bubbles fix everything.

Wearing his Godzilla jammies from Grandpa and Grandma Jackson. Godzilla slept with him lastnight it is his new protector to keep away the scary nightmares that he has been suffering from lately.

We love San Antonio Zoo.

Talking to the koi.

Hip hip hop anonymous

Yes, to all of you who are wondering if that is a leash backpack on my son's back. I remember being at Disneyland when I was younger and making fun of those mom's who had their toddlers on leashes. Now I can proudly say I AM ONE OF THOSE MOMS. And yes, I did hear people snicker at the sight of a little boy on a leash.

Porter thought he was pretty cool with this bird on his arm. He kept yelling at the other kids to be quiet so that they didn't scare his bird away.

Loee was much more timid of the birds. She would not let me put her down.

Hanging with the sloth.

Making out with Porter's monkey leash.

The zoo concluded our birthday festivities. Sean wasn't able to spend the day with us, so we will have to make up for it this weekend. There are plenty of fun things to do in this HUGE city.