Monday, January 3, 2011


This Christmas was a lot of fun. Being able to travel back to Utah was such a blessing. The drive took us about 23 hours. There were a few moments where I thought I might open the door and jump out. The thought of being stranded on the side of the road, rather than in the car with a teething ornery baby and an obnoxious 3 year old was kind of a pretty picture that popped into my head a few times. Although when we entered Utah I realized just how worth it that drive was. I miss the mountains soo much, Texas is FLAT. The kids were lots of fun with all of the holiday activities we did. Here they are on Christmas Eve in thier jammies from Daddy and Mommy.

We went caroling with Sean's family. Laura had these funny little hats for Porter and Lo to wear. Porter has learned a few jingles and continues to sing them to this day. His favorite songs are "Rudolph the reindeer nose", "Frosty the snowman was a jolly frosty snow", and the one that he seems to sing all day long is " Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way oh one to slide one to sleigh." Totally wrong words, but it is so cute how he belts them out at the most random times.

She loved caroling she was bouncing and kicking her legs the entire night.

Porter had a blast this Christmas and got way too spoiled. But he appreciates everything he got. Everytime he would open up a gift he would say "Oh baby what is it?!?!" Santa brought him a lot. Some of it being Superhero squad figurines and a Leapster2. He now has no need to constantly drain the batteries on mine and Sean's phones by playing games. His Leapster keeps him plenty occupied. Lo of course loved the wrapping paper and ribbons more than anything she got, but it was so fun watching her look around in such amusement at all of her presents. Sean unfortunetely had to leave on the 30th to drive back to Texas. Me and the kids are staying in Utah for an extra month. Here is Porter and Lo on New Years Eve. A night spent with the family, always a good way to say good bye to the past year and hello to what may come.

I love my baby girl. She has gotten 6 new teeth since we left Texas. A big whopping total of 8. It is no wonder why she has been such a fuss for the past little while. She is pulling herself up to furniture and walking from couch to couch. She loves to wave and clap. What a happy baby girl we have, and she fills our lives with light.

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Emily said...

Oh my heck, your kids are the cutest EVER! I love Porter with his arms stretched out showing off his cute Christmas clothes! And Lo is so stinkin cute, in all her pics .. I love the outfit Sean got her .. Her in the high chair! Oh, she is so cute! I cannot believe she has got SIX flippin teeth in that short amount of time! I bet she was a fuss-monster! I am glad you got to come here for the holidays, I bet your family was THRILLED! And you were probably so ready for some family time! :)