Monday, December 6, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Literally the day after I did my latest post Lo started crawling and has her two top teeth coming through now. She is actually crawling around the house instead of dragging herself. Man oh man how these past few days have been a bummer at the Reay household. She has been so fussy and miserable this time around. When her first two teeth came through we had no idea that she was even teething cuz she acted normal and as happy as always. Now she can't quit rubbing her tongue against her gums, she is producing enough drool to fill a vat, has had on and off fevers, always wants to be held, and she is NOT sleeping. Poor little baby, I hope that they make their way through fast so that she will get back to her happy little self. Good thing we have Porter around though, she lights up everytime she see's him. He is such a good big brother to her, maybe a little to rough at times, but she still loves him all the same.

These are Porter's frosted mini wheat people. The top one is a girl with her hair on the side of her head :) The other one is a boy and the little ones are dogs. Man he cracks me up.

The other morning I was sleeping soundly, but was woken up to this rustling sound. When I went into the kitchen to see what was making the sound I found Porter sitting on the floor sneaking the bag of doughnuts that Sean had made. Nice to know that he eats I guess... I used to think we was developing an eating disorder.

This is our rendition of a Christmas tree this year. We call it our Christmas bush! Since we knew we would be heading back to Utah for the holidays we didn't pack any of our decorations, which I am now regretting, but whatever life goes on. Sean and Porter went and got the bush and lastnight we all made homemade ornaments. Popcorn garland, cheerio garland, and saltdough ornaments. If anything it is a sweet memory of knowing that we can make anything work given the situation.

Lastly, here she is crawling!!!

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The Burtons said...

Yea! She is crawling! Also, what an adorable picture of Porter holding his little sis. How fast they grow. That is perfect that you have a boy and a girl. I would love that, one day hopefully it will work out but it may take awhile. I have work off just for Christmas break. When are you coming in to town?