Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where did November go?

Porter's imagination is always running wild. He always is coming up with the cutest pictures on his magnadoodle. This is a picture of me! Aren't I lovely? Haha I think I have a slight resemblance to the flower off of The Little Shop Of Horrors, wouldn't you agree?

And he wanted a mamoth while he was watching Ice Age, but unfortunetly we do not have a toy mammoth. After a slight meltdown I just walked out of his room and knew he would figure it out, low and behold he came up with this....

His elephant now has pool diving toys for tusks and a washcloth for long hair. It made me smile. I know it will make you too :)

Lo loves sitting in her highchair and after she is done feeding herself I just set her and the chair into the tub for a good scrub down. She is getting so big. Today while I was getting her dressed it hit me just how much she has grown in the past few months. Our family and friends are going to love seeing how much she has changed since we moved, when we GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! She still has two bottom teeth, she is completely obsessed with her binky, and just discovered her tongue. It is always sticking out of her mouth. She loves yelling outloud for no reason must enjoy the sound of her voice I guess. Porter's favorite thing that she says is "Gagaga." She also enjoys spitting and dragging herself all over the house. Hasn't quite gotten crawling down but lunging herself forwards and doing a version of a bunny hop gets her to where she needs to go so that is as good as gold. No longer holds still while getting her bum changed, or in the bathtub either. She fights going to sleep no matter what time of the day or night it is. Today she pulled herself up to Porter's bed and just stood there afterwards, cuz she wasn't quite sure what to do next. She is a busy body and keeps all of us busy. We love her and her personality that she shares with us.

Porter gets on these kicks where he only wants to watch a certain movie and only that movie. He was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the other day for the 2nd time, I could tell it was awfully quiet back there so when I went to check on him I found this...

Him and all of his Ninja Turtles having a sleep over.

While I was hanging up pictures Lo found this mirror and could not stop staring at her reflection. I love this picture because it reminds me of one that I have of myself from way back when, staring into the mirror in our camping trailer.


The Burtons said...
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The Burtons said...

I cannot believe how old Porter is, that is so crazy. Keeping the hair long and curly for sure keeps them looking not to much like big boys=) I can't wait to see your little Lois, she is just adorable in the pictures. We for sure need to get together at Christmas time, I am free any time and don't work after the 20th I think. I am sure Jamison will love following Porter around and trying to be as "cool" as him=)