Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Each day is a memory

We had the chance to go to Sea World last Saturday it was great and even more the kids did awesome the entire day. Porter loved every single thing that we saw, he is such an animal lover. If there are animals or in this case mammals involved it is guaranteed that he will have a good time. Some of the things we did was watch the show "Believe" that Shamu and 3 other whales put on. I realized that I am getting old and more sentimental as I watch our kids grow. Porter was so thrilled to watch the whales. He was smiling, clapping, laughing, and cheering the whole show. It was so cute it made me cry to see him that happy. Yes I was the crazy lady sitting in the stands with eyes full of tears while watching Shamu the whale. Porter navigated our way through the park with his map, once he spotted the white dolphin he was determined to see it and he continued to talk about that dolphin the rest of the day. The seals, a sea otter, and one humongous walrus put on a way cute play that we all got a laugh out of. Overall it was a fun filled day and one more memory that we have made here in San Antonio.

Porter and Shampoo the whale :)
He is always playing with her here he is making fart noises on her belly.

Lo and Po enjoying a scoop of Blue Bell.

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The Burtons said...

Isn't it so much fun to experience life through the eyes of your child. I am totally sentimental too. Looks like you guys had a great time!