Friday, June 12, 2009

Everything changes...that's what makes the world go around

We have had many changes in our lives through out the past couple of months, changes that seem drastic but when you know it's right you just do... ya know? As some of you already may know Sean has enlisted in the Army Reserves. He got sworn in last Tuesday and we both are very excited and nervous to embark on this new adventure. The Army, for us is going to hopefully be a way that we can get ahead with out getting behind. I love my husband soo much and I know that Sean will be an amazing soldier. He leaves for bootcamp and his skills training the end of August for almost 5 months, so if any of you have any spare time on your hands from August 31 till the end of January give me a call I'm sure I'll be more than happy to hang out!!!

My little sister Whitney is such a sweet girl I love her to death! She is now dating Jeremiah Hobbs we love him and am so happy that she found someone who makes her laugh.

Me, Whit, and Lace

This is Andrew the boy that I teach at Reagan Academy. Isn't he darling? I am so excited to go back next year and continue working with him.

Sean's little brother Weston graduated from highschool a couple of weeks ago. We love him and hope that he does well in whatever he chooses to do.

Cute little bugger he loves his cars and trucks
Yay Art City Days is here!!! The weather has sucked majorly but we did take him to the carnival the other night. He loved the rides but the lines...ya, not so much.

Him and Harp are so good with eachother, although they are getting older and more competitive they still manage to make us all laugh.

Sean has got Porter into all of the comic books his favorite super hero by far is the Hulk. Here he is being way to crazy, way to late at night.


Curt, Lace and Harper said...

We are so excited for you guys too. Just know that you and PoPo will be spending lots of time with us. Good Luck Seaner! Cute Pics I love that one of us Girlies. Love Ya Lil Sis!

Leslie said...

Your pics are so cute!!! I will go to church with you when Sean is gone :) Then I'll have someone to go with!!!

Anonymous said...

Haley I am going through the same thing right now!
if you ever need some advice or someone to talk to who understands, please please call me 822-7814. The best advice I have for you right now is to keep yourself busy! The more I sit and think about Joseph being gone, the harder it is. It is such a great thing though and tell your husband thanks because it it a hard choice and it takes a lot of sacrifice. Good luck with everything!