Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It finally feels like summer!!!

I can not believe it is already July. This week was the first time we got to use our 7Peaks passes and I hope that this sunshine continues till school starts back up. Last weekend we went to two different family reunions, we celebrated our 4 year anniversary and I went to girls camp with my ward. I love love love summer, yes even if it is more hectic than relaxing.

                                              I love my sister Lacey

Popo at the parade, he was hilarious he would catch the candy and throw it back to the people in the parade.

                                                       The Reay reunion

Sean's grandma enjoying her Bally Total Fitness sweat suit

All of Sean's cousins from Duchesne are such cowboys Sean and Porter certainly had fun roping

After the Reay reunion we headed to the Jackson reunion. It was lots of fun but Porter got the worst flu I've ever seen a child have...which is why he looks so sober sigh.

He loves Zyanne and teaches her new things every time they're around each other, whether it be nice or naughty ... (Sorry Dan)
We already decided they'll be boyfriend and girlfriend at some point in their lives.

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