Monday, May 11, 2009

Husband Tag

Full name: Sean Reay
How long we've been married: 4 years on June 24
How long did we date: 2 1/2 years
Who eats the sweets? Definately me
Who said I love you first: Probably him
Who is taller: Sean
Who sings better: Neither of us we're both tone deaf
Who is smarter: He's done the college thing so ... him
Who does the laundry: I wash it and he helps fold....sometimes....when it's his or Porter's stuff
Who pays the bills: Me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Sean
Who mows the lawn: Whoever gets to it first
Who cooks dinner: We both do
Who drives: Usually him
Who admits they are wrong: We're both pretty stubborn so usually neither of us
Who asked who out first: I initiated it
Who wears the pants: He likes to think he does, but we're pretty equal
What does he do that surprises you: Alot of things he does surprises me
My favorite feature on him: His face
Does he have a nickname for you: original, I know
His favorite food: Potatoes
His favorite sport: He likes them all, except for golf
Our favorite thing to do as a couple: Anything
Does he have any hidden talents: He is very creative
What do you admire most about him: How honest he is
His favorite color: blue
How did he propose: Superbowl Sunday he made a commercial during half time...I was so confused because he was on tv!!!....I told you he's creative


Mama Reay said...

this man of yours is definitely unique, he is one of a kind and I love him too. I think he is GREAT!!! And what a great Dad. Mamareay

charise said...

Cute blog! I cant believe how old Porter is!! You guys are such a cute family!