Thursday, April 21, 2011

You had a birthday shout hooray!!!

Our sweet baby Lois turned One today!!! Seems like just yesterday I was beached on that hospital bed while I chowed down on ice chips and hallucinated off of my epidural. Her first year on earth has been a delight. She is just precious and such a fun little lady to have in our family.

Porter and I woke her up this morning to the lovely sounds of us singing her "Happy Birthday" she was a bit dazed at first, as you can see. (Family ... doesn't she look like Sienna?)

Once she got a grip and was awake enough to comprehend what was going on she was all smiles and screams of excitement from there on out.

We are soo lucky!!!

I just couldn't help myself, I had to give Porter a candle on his pop tart as well.

After the kiddos finished their breakfast of champions, Porter helped me make Lois's cupcakes.

Strawberry banana and chocolate cupcakes. This was the first year that we have not ordered a sheet cake large enough to feed a small army. It was weird not having all of our family and friends to celebrate with, but being able to share her special day between just us 4 was perfection.

I'm One!!!

Lois really enjoyed opening her presents. As well as trying to gobble up any paper or ribbon in the process.

Her gift from Porter. He picked out this mermaid just for her (Although we all know he has alterior motives to steal it in hopes that we won't notice.)

Saying hello to her new baby doll.

Loee loves to be rocked while I sing lullabys to her. When I saw her pick up that baby and starting rocking it back and forth it made me want to cry. It was definitely a moment that I have longed for when I first knew we were expecting a girl. As a child I was such a girly girl. I had barbies and babies of many sorts. I always handled them gently and tried to keep them looking as brand new as the day they came out of their box. Who is to say that Lois may or may not be as I was, but one thing is for sure ... she doesn't have to do much to make my heart smile.

Sesame Street is one of the two shows that she has a slight interest in, so this Cookie Monster was only fitting to give her.

I see more Sean in her looks than I do myself. No complaints here, my husband is very easy on the eyes.

The famous diaper baby endulging in their first birthday cake.

Yep, we just let her loose on the dining table. She scooted across it and spun in circles in between bites. Every once in awhile she would look up at us as if to say "You guys really are allowing me to be up here and make this mess?"

Perfect end to a perfect day. Clean, lotioned, worn out babies.

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Chelsie and Trace said...

Oh I love them and miss them they are so cute!! Ya you know that Porter will take that mermaid as soon as her back is turned! (LOL)So funny looks like a fun fun day.