Thursday, March 10, 2011


My heart is full of gratitude today. As I was reading my scriptures this morning I came across this one in particular. Isn't it funny how the perfect things come to you when you need them most. I know that the Lord has a hand in everything that happens in my life day by day and today I am grateful that he has given me inspiration and understanding. I love my Heavenly Father and his beautiful work and glory. I love my family and I love each one of you.
D&C 46:32 "And ye must give thanks unto God in the Spirit for whatsoever blessing ye are blessed with."


Adam and Hilary said...

Hi Haley! Yeah I love when an answer comes right when you open the BOM. Thanks for the reminder of being grateful for our blessings. Where is the first picture taken? It looks like Seattle. Your kids are cute, and your little Lo is a doll!

Sean and Haley Reay said...

The picture of me and Sean was in Seattle. We were there for an Army retreat back in September. We loved it there I want to go back so bad. I bet you love living there. It is hard to always remember to be grateful for everything we have big and small, but I definitely have been trying to do better. Congrats on your expecting baby! You and Adam will be great parents.

Chelsie and Trace said...

So your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter! I hope everything is going good miss you guys!!