Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our family is back together again. Me and the children returned to San Antonio at the end of January. It was bittersweet coming back. I hated to leave Utah since that is truly our home and everyone whom we love is there, but Sean was here and we needed to get back to him. Me and the kids missed Daddy. He is doing well with his BMet training. He just hit the 5 month mark so only 7 more months to go then he will graduate and we will embark on our next journey. Whatever that may be. The kids are doing well and are right back into the swing of things. Porter is now a Sunbeam holy cow, I know!!! Where in the world did time go? He will be turning 4 soon. This year me, Sean, and Lois will be the only ones here to celebrate both her 1st birthday and Porter's 4th but we are starting the planning now so that we can make sure we make their days extra special for each of them. Lo is growing like a weed. She has kind of lost interest in her binky. Yay for me! It will only be that much easier to take it away when I feel like the time is right. We give her a sippy cup once a day just to introduce her to it, I am hoping to have her off of her bottle as close to 12 months as possible. She is getting strong enough to stand up by herself and balance for 5 or so seconds before falling over. She walks well with the help of other's holding her hands so we went and bought her a baby walker. We will see how long until she is up and walking all by herself. I feel like there are times where I am trying to make her grow up too fast, but she seems ready for it all so I am just enjoying watching her progress so well. No matter what she will always be my Baby Lo. I may be calling her that clear into her teenage years cuz I think it is so darling and fits her so well. We love you all and hope that everything is going as great for you as it is for us.

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The Burtons said...

I am glad that you made it back safe and sound. I am sure that Sean was so happy to see you guys! Your kids are just so adorable, cute videos!