Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Best Christmas Ever!!!

We will welcome little Lois Lee Reay this coming April. Man was I wrong, I definately didn't have the mother's intuition with this baby I for sure thought we were having another baby boy, but to our surprise Porter will get his "princess baby Lo" after all.
Doesn't he look so big??? Oh it makes me so sad
At the airport waiting for Daddy to come down the escalator
He was so happy to see Sean it made everybody's day to see how he reacted the moment Sean came down that escalator, there's nothing more precious than the bond that dad and son have with each other. He also made Sean a poster and was so proud of all the coloring he did.
Christmas Eve with Aunt Dena and Uncle Weston
Yes, that is my sweet husband fulfilling his dreams of looking like Santa Clause and being able to wear the closest thing to a tacky Christmas sweater that I would let him...a tacky Christmas shirt.
2009 Christmas morning with Porter. He was a blast this year and I am so happy that Sean was home to spend it with us.

Just a couple, out of his many awesome figurines.
Our son...Bumblebee. The helmet and gun weighed just about as much as he does.

Enjoying a much needed snow day with his Daddy!!!

Unfortunately, Sean's Christmas vacation ended way too soon. We all loved having him home with us, Porter most of all. He would not let Sean out of his sight the entire 2 weeks. He had to go back on New Years Day, this is us at the airport saying our sad goodbyes :(


Chelsie and Trace said...

Congrats on the baby girl! That is a cute picture of Porter and Sean kissing! If you need someone to talk to or go and hangout with you can come over with me and Trace.

The Bunnell's said...

I am so glad that Sean got to spend the Holidays with you. Porter is getting so big I love the picture of him in his Bumble Bee Costume. Congratulations on the baby girl. They are so much fun.

Dena Penelope Reay said...

Haley! I love all of the picures so much!!! I am gonna miss you and your cute family so much when I'm gone! Love you!