Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life is great!!!

Yep you guessed right!!! We are having a baby and luckily found out before Sean left I had a hunch thanks to my Grandma Glazier...we've been trying but didn't expect it to happen so soon. Porter is going to be such a good big brother he loves babies and I've been trying to get him used to the idea of Mommy having a baby in her belly, but he has alot to get used to these days with Daddy being gone as well. I don't know exactly how far along I am yet but I'll find out soon and update.
I love my mom she is the best ever!!! And she loves me alot right now since she's been bugging me and Lacey to have another baby for the longest time.

I threw a farewell bbq for Sean a couple of days before he left. It was lots of fun and thank you to everyone who came, Sean loved seeing all of you and appreciated all of your guys' help. As you can see Porter was exhausted from all of the fun so he passed out on the way home. The past few months have gone by so fast and I don't think we could've ever found enough time to prepare for Sean leaving. He arrived at Fort Jackson in South Carolina on Monday night and began processing for a couple of days then actually made it to Basic Training. We haven't been able to talk since he left for Basic, but on Sunday I got a call from the couple missionaries who are serving at Jackson. Sister Fullmer said that Sean was at church on Sunday and has a good group of members he's with so the support he needs is there. It was so nice to hear something so positive, I know I definately have it easier since my family is here with me and he's there with a bunch of strangers and many others yelling in his face all day, but I know he'll do great once the hardest few days are past. His heart is in the right place and he has a strong testimony of the gospel. Our Heavenly Father will help us all get through this and we'll be blessed for mine but most of all my husband's sacrifices. Plus I can't help but think of how hot he'll be when he comes home for Christmas :) Too bad I'll be a pillsbury doughboy!

The following day we were able to go to the temple with our friends Amb and Christian for their wedding. It was such a special wedding and we hope them all the best, they are so cute together. I love spending that time with Sean, the temple is always the perfect place to be when you need some perspective.

This past weekend for Labor Day me and Porter went with my family camping up Fairview Canyon. It was so nice up there and we loved seeing Grandpa Wing. Porter definately stayed busy with the four wheelers and all of his cousins.

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