Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time goes way too fast!!!

I love my sisters so much!!! It is awesome having them as best friends and knowing that we can depend on eachother for a lot of things. I'm just going to say it now... sorry guys if I overuse you while Sean is gone, things can get pretty lonely in an empty home and only a 2 year old to talk to:)

And a cute 2 year old at that!!!

Flaming Gorge was our one last big vacation together with Sean. The weather was great, skiing was fun and Porter does so well anytime we're outside, so I knew being surrounded by water and dirt we were pretty much set for the whole week with out any tantrums....and I was right.

He is pretending to be my Grandpa Wing's dog

Sean caught crawdads for us so we had a nice little treat...when I say little I mean little, what is it with going through all of that work for like five bites of meat?

We went to the Monster Jam truck show last weekend and as expected Porter loved it. He has a couple of the trucks at home so he knew the names of a couple...still our favorites were Grave Digger and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with the ear plugs so either my kid is going to be really tough or really deaf, I'm not quite sure yet.

Grave Digger was by far the crowd's favorite and when he did this the whole stadium went crazy. It started to hurt my ears after the first few seconds that was actually the only time all night Porter let me cover his ears....note to self....next time we attend something like this bring ear muffs, he thinks those are cool:)


Curt, Lace and Harper said...

Cute pic of us girlies! We love having you around. You can hang-out with us anytime. PoPo is darling. Good Luck Seaner we will miss you like crazy. We are also really proud of your choice to serve our country! Looks like the monster trucks were way fun!

Chelsie and Trace said...

Haley, Porter is so dang cute! I can't wait to see you guys on Friday. It is always so great to see you guys.