Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sean's dream has come true

I think Sean has a lot of days lately where he feels like his biggest dreams have come true with Porter. They are soo awesome together and although I hate to admit it he is turning into a bit of a daddy's boy. When he was younger I knew all of the tricks but with out fail the minute that daddy walks through that door Porter clings to him.

This is what I mean when I say Sean's dreams have come true, if you know Sean then you'd know he is somewhat of a dork when it comes to Star Wars and Superheroes. He's got me into some of the movies but you'll never catch me reading a comic book! I have a feeling that Porter too will enjoy these things and it is starting now. They both came upstairs from the basement to show me their light saber that even how you say it?....sometimes I say light saver and now I just get confused what one is right.


Curt, Lace and Harper said...

That video is so cute! I believe you when you say Sean's dream has come true. That looks like so much fun. I can't help you with saver or saber.

Monica said...

That's funny that Sean is getting Porter started on the whole "Star Wars" thing. Craig bought the "Star Wars" trilogy, and Emma was hooked. She wanted to be Princess Lea, and have Alyssa be Yoda for Halloween. Then she changed her mind. I was kind of let down. That would have been so funny!

Chelsie and Trace said...

That is such a funny video! He is so cute they look like they were having a lot of fun!