Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Make it last

I am a little over due on blogging. Sorry. I am hoping that these family pictures we had taken by Alyssia Newton Baird will make up for my slacking. This was such a fun night we spent together up beautiful Hobblecreek Canyon. I love Fall!!! Man oh man how I missed out on this season last year. I love the sights and smells that Fall brings. Alyssia captured our family so well. We will cherish those pictures forever.


The Burtons said...

Gorgeous family! Great pictures!

WestonReay said...

These are the cutest pictures I have ever seen!! I guess it helps to love all the subjects sooo much...I really can't even pick a favorite or 5 favorite. Man I am overwhelmed. Thanks for posting them...I love them. Signed a very grateful Mother and Grandmother.

WestonReay said...

This isn't Weston this is Laura. Sorry!