Monday, November 2, 2009

A Superhero Halloween

Me and Reggie...scary I know!!! But he had such an awesome costume and Porter was not scared of him, more confused.
Jessica, Andrea, Shannon, Me, Aubrey, Lindsey, Reggie, Dan and Bailey
Pou, Casey, Jake, Chris, Tom, Reggie and Bailey
Zyanne, Porter, Layla, Jacoby, Bailey, Jaycie, and Trayden

Me, Shay and Very Pregnant Dan

Halloween was so much fun this year and Porter has been so patiently anticipating for the past month the day when he was allowed to wear his Hulk costume. Everytime I'd open up his closet he'd ask for "Hulky" but once it came down to putting the costume on and trying to paint his hair and face, he was not having any part of it!!! After a slight melt down and me losing the battle to the paint, we went out to my sister's trunk or treat and also up to my parents trunk or treat. He was so polite asking for his "Treat" and always saying "Thankyou", afterwards we had a party with mine and Sean's friends. Porter was definately much happier there, it was nice and warm and he was surrounded by toys. He was so fascinated by so many of our friends' costumes. Sean was way bummed out that he wasn't here to celebrate his favorite holiday with his 2 superheroes, but he is enjoying what they are doing right now, all of the weapons and training. He is done with Basic Training on November 13! Which flew by so fast. After he leaves there he'll head over to Virginia to do his AIT at Fort Lee. I'm just getting through this by knowing that it seems once Halloween is over we barely celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner. Then he'll be home with us for the holidays for 2 weeks!!!

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Chelsie and Trace said...

You guys look so good!! Reggie looks really scary!! I'm suprised that Porter didn't freak out. He is such a cute kid I can't wait to see what the next little one will look like.