Thursday, April 9, 2009

It only gets better with age

Porter is getting so big he is 23 months old and will turn 2 on May 3. Each day is a guessing game as to what he will do next. After his shower the other night I hurried and ran a brush through his hair with out really looking at it, after it had dried we could not get over how funny he looked, once me and Sean were laughing he was as well...though he had no idea why I'm sure. Can you say "Alrighty then!!!"....He was blessed with Sean's curly hair which usually looks so freaking cute.

He also loves to hide everything in the oddest places. Sean babysat the other night and Porter decided to hide his Hot Wheels along with himself underneath the kitchen rug.

I'd still claim him if he had to wear glasses, especially one like these...he's a cutie!!!
Sean tied up Porter and out of nowhere he started saying "Help" this is honestly one of my favorite things he says only because the way he says it is soo sweet, his little raspy voice. P.S. Don't mind Sean's scary scream at the end...I have no idea!!!

I have been meaning to post this...Dena this is for you so you can see how awesome your little brother is... :)

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Ryan n Jess said...

I cannot believe that you got all that on video
that is hilarious!!!!
I am going to show it to my whole fam..
what a trooper Wes is..
POrter is sooo cute
I heard that Porter really took to Austin the other nice at G&G Jackson's house...